Cookies Policy


  1. What cookies are
  2. Why and how we use cookies

           Functionality cookies

           Performance cookies

  1. Additional information collected online
  2. Cookie deletion and management


1.  What cookies are

Cookies are small text files that your internet browser automatically stores on your device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) when you visit and/or use a website. The cookies we apply do not access any of your files in your device, nor do they track your general online activity, except from your activity on our website. Cookies alone cannot identify you as an individual. We may receive other identification information about you, such as your IP address, but we do not use such information to identify you as an individual. You can delete cookies at any time, through your browser settings. You can also find more information about managing cookies, by selecting “Help” in your browser menu, or at


2.  Why and how we use cookies

We use different types of cookies for the following purposes:

Functionality cookies

These cookies are important for the proper operation of our site. They automatically collect the following information about you:  your browser type, your device type and operating system, your internet provider and similar data, with the purpose to optimize the functionality of our website, such as, adjusting our website content to your screen size, or for faster page loading. If you disable or delete these cookies, the functionality of our site may be affected; for example, you may find it less comfortable to navigate, depending on your device, or you will be required to fill-in your details again, should you need to use our online form to contact us.

Performance cookies

We collect information about how you and other visitors use our website, for example, which pages are more often visited and whether any error messages occur. We use such information to improve the performance of our website, but never to individually monitor your online activities or preferences or to identify you as a person. You can delete or disable these cookies whenever you wish, without affecting your navigation experience.


3.  Additional information collected online

In addition to cookies, we may automatically collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address, as well as information about third-party websites or web-portals, when you access them through our website. Such data are processed by specialized security software, used for IT systems security and diagnostics, like firewalls. The legal basis for such processing is the protection of our company assets, including personal data.

Such information may also be used, in aggregate form, for statistical analysis, in order to help us identify trends and measure the overall performance of our site, without identifying you as an individual. The legal basis for such processing is our legitimate interest in improving our website.

Attention: this policy does not apply when you visit third-party websites, even when you do so through links found on our website. Our company does not bare any responsibility for the data protection terms of any third-party websites.


4.  Cookie deletion and management

Deletion: You can delete any saved cookies, whenever you want, through your browser.

Cookies Management: You can also set up your browser, either a) to warn you about the use of cookies upon visiting a website, allowing you to choose whether you will accept them or block them, or b) to block cookies at all times, without asking you.

Google Analytics Settings: Google has developed the “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on”, where you can declare that you do not want to share your Google Analytics information.


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