Patent for metal shelving support on paper constructions

The invention is a metallic reinforcement- a U-shaped shelf support that is used in promotional constructions - floor stands and bench stands made of cardboard or other material.

Metal reinforcements for shelf support have existed for a long time. However, in our long experience, we have reached the conclusion that such constructions had many deficiencies and so after long testing we invented a shelf support that ensures:

  • Increased Shelf strength
  • Flexibility in size and shape
  • Economy in materials and costs
  • Space-saving during storage and during the production process
  • Saving time and cost when placing the shelf in the right position
  • mpara
The above features are at the forefront of our invention, aiming at contributing to the whole range of production and funnel optimization.

Patent No. 3782 & 4636/2013
Π.Υ.Χ 2003084
08 Jan 2013

An innovative way in dog excrement disposal!

child A new philosophy that reflects our love for our most faithful friends and our conviction that it is a matter of culture to educate everyone in this daily habit. We have, therefore, created the
An innovative product which solves effectively the dog excrement disposal issue.
  • It relieves us of annoying contact with the stools as happens with the use of the plastic bag
  • Easily fits into our pocket
  • Easy to use and inspires ecological consciousness
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In one simple movement it turns into a box
Easily collects dog excrement
Can get easily disposed into the first bin available
From recycled paper
Environment friendly
100% Greek product

Patent (License Number 2002992)

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